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Coz United are going to Stockholm

Follow Follow Follow… Coz’ United are going to Stockholm… There’ll be thousands of reds, they’ll be p!ssed out of their heads… Coz United are going to Stockholm… Well hopefully. We’re half way there at least but with all these games to go, there is no guarantee. Under Mourinho though so far, we have set-up to not lose games. Let’s hope that continues because if it does we shall be off to Stockholm.

As for the song itself, I’ve been following United for many years now and it’s great how we easily change the final lyrics to where the Final will be. Glasgow, Moscow etc. We still have plenty of Premier League games to get through first though, so it’s one game at a time in the hope we can finish the season high on confidence, no injuries and hopefully a second trophy.

4 May Europa League Semi Final 1st leg Celta Vigo A 20:05
RESULT = 1-0 WIN (Rashford)

All the talk after the game was of course about Rashford brilliant curling free kick that won us the game. It gave us that crucial away goal too so that can be so important. Their keeper was certainly to blame for Rashford’s second half goal, but if it wasn’t for some stunning saves from him in the first half we’d have been a for goals up already. Job done as you say though, with a clean sheet, away goal and a win in the bag.

Rashford’s fantastic free-kick

The Stretford Enders pre-match match predictions:
Myself 1-0 United – well done
Stuart 1-0 United – well done
Oliver 0-0 draw
Barry 1-1 draw
Claire 0-1 United
Kevin 0-2 United

7 May Premier League Arsenal A 16:00
RESULT = 2-0 LOSS (Xhaka, Welbeck)

We never really turned for this games did we, but did you expect us too? It’s a shame our Premier League season is finishing like this. I’ll expect the same type of performance next weekend away to Spurs as well, but I get the reason why. It’s all about winning trophies and we have the chance of that for a second time this season if we can get past Celta Vigo in a few days time. We better perform in that game and not make a mess of it. I’d be shocked if we did but we all know what our home form is like this season.

As for this game, Arsenal weren’t great but they deserved the win in the end as they wanted it more in the second half. When Arsenal want it more as well, you know you’re in trouble. It was good to see Tuanzebe getting a run out and I thought he did well but we as a team never really got going.

The Stretford Enders pre-match match predictions:
Myself 1-1 draw
Stuart 2-2 draw
Oliver 2-0 United
Barry 1-1 draw
Claire 2-0 Arsenal – well done
Kevin 1-0 Arsenal

11 May Europa League Semi Final 2nd leg Celta de Vigo H 20:05
RESULT = 1-1 DRAW (Fellaini) – (Roncaglia) = (Agg 2-1)
Bailly & Roncaglia both sent off

My word we made hard work of that!! I can honestly say, I was truly frustrated in that second half as we allowed a poor Celta de Vigo team look good as they controlled the game. How can we come out for the second half and from the off try to see out the game. Of course we did, but only just as we sat back and allow the Spaniards to gradually create chances. Thankfully they scuffed their lines but it could have been very different. Relief at the end was an understatement!

Bailly seeing red mist as he lost the plot

It started in the first half though when Fellaini scored early on, from then on it seemed to me that there was relief in the stadium and that the job was pretty much done. Absolutely no chance, Celta had to come and score one goal to stand any chance of getting through to the final and they were always going to try. Us scoring made no real difference but mentally the players and I’m guessing Mourinho decided to shut up shop. However, if we’d just tried to play our normal game and got a second then it would have made it much easier. We didn’t but we’re through to another final and I cannot wait to try to get to Stockholm. Bailly will be missed mind due, completely lost in cool.

The Stretford Enders pre-match match predictions:
Myself 2-0 United
Stuart 2-1 United
Oliver 1-0 United
Barry 3-0 United
Claire 2-0 United
Kevin 2-1 United

14 May Premier League Spurs A 16:30
RESULT = 2-1 LOSS (Wanyama, Kane) – (Rooney)

As predicted, this games was quite similar to the Arsenal one last weekend. We just never turned up again as we just hoped to catch Spurs on the break or from a set-piece. I suppose at least we tried to get back into the game later after Rooney scored and possibly could have got back into it. To be honest, once Wanyama scored very early in the first half and Kane again very early in the second half the game was pretty much done and dusted.

Fair play to our away support once again, all there for the final time at White Hart Lane as we came away on another defeat at the end of the season. I’m sure all the lads travelling back on the coaches still had a great day out though and all these performances will be forgotten if and when we come back with the Europe League trophy next week.

The Stretford Enders pre-match match predictions:
Myself 0-0 draw
Stuart 2-1 Spurs – well done
Oliver 2-1 United
Barry 1-0 United
Claire 2-0 Spurs
Kevin 1-1 draw

17 May Premier League Southampton A 19:45

Romero never put a foot wrong last night

Our away support was once again at it last night, they never stopped singing all evening and with some proper old classic songs too. Unfortunately I couldn’t make the game in the end but I can imagine they all had a good trip back as you do for the last away game of the season. I’ve been on a few over the years and of course a Saturday or Sunday day trip is always better.

Romero was outstanding and that doesn’t surprise me, I’ve never doubted his ability and he has never let us down whenever he has played. His penalty save early doors last night was a fantastic one-handed one but throughout the rest of the game his positioning and shot stopping was top-notch. Let’s just hope his first defeat in a United shirt does not come next Wednesday in the final. Overall Southampton created the better chances and if they’d have won one-nil I don’t think there would have been too many arguments, they didn’t though thanks to Romero.

The Stretford Enders pre-match match predictions:
Myself 0-0 draw – well done
Stuart 1-0 United
Oliver 1-1 draw
Barry 0-0 draw – well done
Claire 1-1 draw
Kevin 1-2 United

21 May Premier League Crystal Palace H 15:00
RESULT = 2-0 WIN (Harrop, Pogba)

I know in the press beforehand there was a lot of criticism of Mourinho and United as they would be playing a load of “youngsters” in this game and that goes against the integrity of the league. I don’t care though, it’s about looking after number one and managing your squad/team over a season for each individual game. Of course Mourinho has moaned back quite a bit himself about the scheduling so people knew where he stood on the matter.

On a personal note heading to the game, I was very excited to be going and watching the younger lads come through and get a chance to show what they can go do. For some of them this might be there only appearance as they could potentially be moved on over the summer, others might become squad players but one or two may impress and go on to become regulars. You just don’t know. Just look at what’s happened to Marcus Rashford over the last 18 months!

The Stretford Enders pre-match match predictions:
Myself 2-0 United – well done
Stuart 3-0 United
Oliver 1-0 United
Barry 1-1 draw
Claire 2-0 United – well done
Kevin 2-1 United

24 May Europa League Final Ajax N (Friends Arena, Stockholm) 19:45
RESULT = 2-0 WIN (Pogba, Miki Ryan)

My thoughts and match report for the Europa League Final win can be found by clicking here.

The Stretford Enders pre-match match predictions:
Myself 2-1 United
Stuart 2-0 United
Oliver 2-1 United
Barry 2-1 United AET
Claire 2-0 United
Kevin 1-0 United

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