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José Mourinho and the new season

It’s safe to say José Mourinho had a successful season last year in my opinion as a Manchester United fan. I’d have said that too if we’d lost the Europa Cup Final, as for me success is not just where you finish the league, well unless it’s in first place. However for some, a league position and qualifying for the Champions League now seems to be the be all and end all of a season. Of course it is great, I love the Champions League, but I also love winning trophies.

Thankfully, Jose did that brilliantly in his first season in charge of our great club. No, we haven’t won the league and no we haven’t won the Champions League but in four season’s since Sir Alex left we have now won three major trophies. It’s a start and when Fergie was in charge and we weren’t winning the league (on those odd occasions) he made sure we were still picking up League or FA Cups to ensure his team had that winning mentality. If Mourinho has got that going already in one his new team then things can only get better surely? We will see.

Looking back though and seeing what Jose himself said a few months ago, I think he already knew that but he still had a plan in place. Was he enjoying his time at United so far… “Enjoying? It’s hard, it’s difficult but I knew that beforehand”

On arrival “I found the club down and sad when I arrived, players sold that I would never have sold (di Maria, Hernandez, Welbeck) and players bought that I would never have bought”

“I’m use to winning trophies at every club, expectations are massive. We (United) are not ready, dominant, not ready to win everything. Don’t get me wrong, we’ll fight for it but as yet we’re not there.”

“Losing always affects my mood after game, bad result, not happy. We’ll fight for top four of course, fight to be champions, the League Cup is great but it’s not enough for this club.”

He knew the standards, he knew he couldn’t win the league this year back then but knew for a chance of winning it in the future he had to get that winning mentality. Therefore winning the Europa League was massive, another trophy and then the bonus of Champions League football this season “players have played in Champions League before and want to be there again”.

“Keeping big players not playing is impossible” and that is true. Sometimes fans wonder why the best team is not always playing every single game, but other players and squad players have to play. You cannot keep everyone happy of course, but not playing them at all and then expecting them to come in due to an injury and expect them to fight for you is difficult. All players have to play at some point and juggling them to do this is key. For me, it was one of Sir Alex Ferguson’s biggest traits and doesn’t get talked about that much when it should.

An example of this also could also be with that of Mkhitaryan who apparently wasn’t ready at the start of the season, Jose was criticised but has said Henrikh handled it mentally and as it proved he was right as he then came in physically ready too. I think he’ll now have a massive season for us and be as much a key player as Pogba, who’s so professional and improving still all the time. I cannot wait now, less than a week to go until the Super Cup.


Tuesday 8th August UEFA Super Cup Real Madrid 19:45 Manchester United

Sunday 13th August Premier League Manchester United 16:00 West Ham United

Saturday 19th August Premier League Swansea City 12:30 Manchester United

Saturday 26th August Premier League Manchester United 17:30 Leicester City


Saturday 9th September Premier League Stoke City 17:30 Manchester United

Sunday 17th September Premier League Manchester United 16:00 Everton

Saturday 23rd September Premier League Southampton 15:00 Manchester United

Saturday 30th September Premier League Manchester United 15:00 Crystal Palace

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